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A very special welcome to The Hive…. Ben Gollings!


July 9, 2021

A very special welcome to The Hive…. Ben Gollings!

Dallen Stanford and Robin MacDowell of The Rugby Hive are delighted to announce that their Rugby Hive is growing!

The hosts are pleased to welcome former England international 7s star and 15s professional player Gollings to The Hive in a reporting and analysis capacity. Job one for Gollings in the lead up to the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be to break down the 7s pools and provide his expert insight as we approach the matches as well as during and post-competition.

Moving forward, Gollings will continue to offer his special spin on all news including pinnacle rugby competitions and tournaments, World Sevens Series happenings, and other newsworthy banter.

MacDowell says “we are thrilled to welcome England & World Sevens Series Legend Ben Gollings to The Rugby Hive! Ben has always been a class rugby man on and off the field and will bring a wealth of expertise to the Hive. Having 3 former international players from the USA, Canada, and now England collaborate together to provide listeners, readers, and passionate fans of the game insights and stories is exactly what rugby is all about!"

Co-host and international broadcaster, Stanford offered "after getting rounded like a parked car by Ben for years, it's such an honor to team up with the slippery eel himself!”

"Together we have scored 2,771 points and 232 tries on the World Rugby Sevens Series, with Ben accounting for 99.9% of that! It's absolutely brilliant to have his insight and knowledge on The Rugby Hive."

A small sampling of Gollings’ career highlights:

  • World Record Sevens World Series Points Holder = 2,652 Points

  • 6th Highest Try Scorer in Sevens History = 220 Tries

  • World Record Sevens World Series Conversions = 773

  • 3rd Most Capped England Sevens Player = 69 Tournaments

  • Participated in Commonwealth Games for England in 2002, 2006 (Silver Medalist), 2010

  • Played in World Rugby Cups 7s in 2005 and 2009

  • Hong Kong finalist 5 times, with England 4 winning in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006

  • Most Valuable Player at the 2006 Hong Kong 7s

  • Played in 16 of the 19 Sevens World Series tournament wins for England

  • Played in over 100 English Premiership Games

Of the opportunity, Gollings says “super excited to join The Hive team and the legends Dallen and Robin. Have loved listening to the podcast. We shared some great times in our playing days and it’s now fantastic to be working alongside them, sharing great insights and enjoying the greatness of what rugby offers.” In a true glimpse into the genuine banter the three former stars share, Gollings adds, “plus Robin taught me how to drop goal and Dallen taught me how to skip pass.”

We are pleased Ben Gollings has joined our team!

Every Legend Has a Story – We’re Here to Share It.

Karen L. Gasbarino, July 2021

Rugby Hive Editor

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