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The Hive on Tour

It's been a busy Fall for all four members of The Rugby Hive.

The air miles are finally racking up again after too many months of everyone conducting rugby business behind a screen!

It has been time to dust off the old suitcase, mic, and whistles and get back out there doing what we love. The podcast is alive and kicking, but the team is currently busy growing rugby all over the world.

Here's what we've been up to:

Coach Robin got his newly established Island Academy up and running in on Vancouver Island. Karen headed out to Vancouver 7s, so spent a few days at the Academy checking it out and watching Robin mold the next generation of great players.

With the HSBC 7s World Series 2021 condensed season wrapping up in Vancouver and Edmonton in September, Dallen was busy back at the mic after a lengthy lay off. Both Robin and Karen attended the Vancouver event and got to spend some time together with Dallen in the Hive Mind.

The two 7s stops were quickly followed by the inaugural Premier Rugby Sevens event in Memphis, where Dallen applied all his best one-liners all weekend as 120 professional men and women rugby players plied their trade for different teams. At the same event, Robin was on the coaching team for the winners on the women's side, The Loonies.

Dallen also commentated the All Blacks v USA match in Washington on October 25 and before that worked with the Rugby Americas North folks in Turks and Caicos for the Fireminds RAN 7s tournament. It has been great to see so much rugby back, and a relief for all unions who have been on hold for so long.

For his part, Ben has taken part in some important speaking engagements, and also coached at the Fijiday 7s weekend. Then he headed off to Sri Lanka to teach valuable skills and on-field decision making, and was busy for a few weeks generally teaching some young players how to round opponents like parked cars.

Karen's been busy with a few writing projects for Rugby Canada and Rugby Americas North, and enjoyed appearing on the Canadian podcast LeRouge Rugby. She has a few new Hive pieces on the hopper. Stay tuned.

Ben will be meeting up with both Robin and Dallen at the Emirates Dubai 7s in November for another meeting of the Hive Mind. Karen will sadly miss this one but looks forward to the day when all four busy bees will be in one place together.

If you needed any reminder that rugby is indeed back, just check out how much your Rugby Hive has had on the go. It's a great feeling to be so busy with rugby.

And no one is looking to slow down!

It's a rugby life!

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